For the last 15 years or so, I have been particularly interested in the intersections of arts/science and technology, and have been involved in a number of large collaborative projects in this area. danceroom Spectroscopy, Hidden Fields, Molecular Music and Cloud Chamber all explored simulations of quantum physics (these related projects are covered briefly in my TEDx presentation here).

Subsequent projects Figuring and Soma are taking some of this research into multi-user VR. The AHRC REACT sandbox project Breathing Stone and Jess Thom collaboration The Alchemy of Chaos explored applications for arts/science crossover in healthcare.

I have made a specialism in this area of sonification – the representation of scientific data through sound. This has formed the centre of the Isomorph (Interactive Sonification of Molecular Physics) project I worked on with UWE’s Tom Mitchell, supported by an APEX grant (Royal Academy and Leverhulme Trust).

I have contributed to many papers around this, with a selection listed here:

Jones, A., Deeks, H., Hyde, J., Glowacki, D., Mitchell, T. (2019) ‘Designing and Evaluating Sonification Strategies for Interactive Molecular Docking in Virtual Reality’ in The Journal on Multimodal Interfaces 13:3.

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