Wild Places : Mountain was an hour-long dance performance produced by choreographer duo Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak (Roosna and Flak), commissioned by the Korzo Teater in The Hague for the 2015 CaDance Festival. It had a run of performances in the CaDance Festival in January 2015 and then a number of performances across Northern Europe over that year.

Material for the piece was made during an extensive trek across the Norwegian highlands undertaken by Roosna, Flak and their team. They sought inspiration in this environment, informed by the ‘Deep Ecology’ theory by Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss. According to this theory, humanity needs to take responsibility for nature instead of dominating it, and start promoting the deep connection between man and the environment. Using interactive technologies to integrate the elements of the performance, the work presented a rough no man’s land in the theatre, and explored relationships with this environment through interaction.

Hyde, working with Kenneth Flak, developed a sophisticated wearable sensor system for dancers specially for this piece, based on the Sense:Stage system from STEIM, Amsterdam. In addition, he used self-built contact microphones to amplify the stage surface, which was used both to produce sonic material and a further way to integrate staged environment, dancers and sound.

He produced a score for the hour-long piece which combined through-composed layers with these interactive elements using Ableton Live and a set of purpose-built Max for Live plugins. Additional plugins were used to synchronise the score with a series of video clips, sourced from the Norway trek and elsewhere and used as interludes in the performance.