This was the first piece I made with choreographer André Gingras, and was a collaboration with Fabio Iaquone (video) and Sue Jane Stoker (dramaturgy).

From the performance programme:

‘The work is based on the stories of Gilles De Rais and Jeffrey Dahmer as well as the neurological studies of Dr. Oliver Saks and Dr. A.R. Luria.

The Sweet Flesh Room asks you a few questions about reality. Perceived reality. CNN reality. Reality TV. And all the realities in between.

The Sweet Flesh Room investigates what gives us a sense of security in our environment. In a world that is more and more uncertain, what do we know is true? Are we ever really safe? Through the examination of the relationships and minds of infamous serial killers, we dive into a new world of the absurd and macabre; where criminal psychological profiling is intertwined with blood rituals and werewolf myths. The need of our society to understand and cope with extremely violent acts has been prevalent for centuries; how do we relate to the disturbed and monstrous and how do they perceive us?’