This was pretty much the first fully-fledged electroacoustic piece I wrote, for soprano and electronics (live and pre-recorded). It’s based on an E. E. cummings poem. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time:

Concerning a fleeting feeling of nostalgia that is at the same time overpowering and completely indefinable… Text was assembled from minute fragments taken from a variety of sources, ranging from poetry to newspaper clippings. These fragments are never delivered in a direct manner, but are always veiled in some way, their meaning just out of reach. The singer is at her most audible in wordless or phonetically distorted sections; where whole words are employed, they are usually obscured. The tape is also assembled from minute fragments; tiny snippets of evocative ‘found objects’. These sounds all have some sonic relationship to the voice, and grow out of, and recede back into, the vocal sounds, just as the momentary flashes of memory they represent surface from, and submerge back into, the subconscious.

The intention behind the piece was to reflect the mysterious and illogical nature of the subconscious, and in particular the strange selective workings of the memory.

Additional Notes

  • Written for soprano Steve Halfyard, who features on the studio recording heard here.
  • SPNM shortlisted.
  • Prize-winner in the Concours Internationale at Bourges (Résidence category).
  • Performed at International Computer Music Conference.
  • Performed at the South Bank centre by Fiona Baines and broadcast.
  • Released on a Jasrac CD.
  • Released on an NMC/ Sonic Arts Network CD.