I have long been as interested in old technologies as much as new ones. This has manifested in my interest in modular synthesisers, documented elsewhere, and not just limited to older systems!

Where I’ve really developed my interests in older media and technologies is in the visual domain, where I have always been drawn to the aesthetics of celluloid, the phosphor glow of CRT screens, and the use of lasers, analogue videos synthesisers and vector monitors of various kinds.

I’ve made a number of pieces using these techniques (see related items below), but have also written about them in a few publications. Most notably, I have written a chapter called ‘The new analogue: media archeology as creative practice in 21st-century audiovisual art’, in Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices (Routledge, edited by Andrew Knight-Hill):

I’ve also written a chapter on my own practice in this area, called ‘A Hybrid Analogue/Digital Approach to Live Audiovisual Performance’ for the Signal Culture Cook Book Vol 2. (edited by Jason Bernagozzi). This is based on my experiences at the amazing Signal Culture studio in upstate New York, where I got to use many rare and original analogue video devices over two visits in 2018 and 2020 – see images in the gallery below.