This was a collaboration with my long-term friend and colleague, Jayachandran Palazhy (choreography), and media artist Christian Ziegler, from ZKM in Germany

At that time, Jay ran a London-based dance company called Imlata. Most of the dancers were from India, and most schooled in the Kerelan martial art of Kalari (Jay himself has this background). The movement vocabulary is very much contemporary dance, but ennabled by the physical skills which Kalari fosters.

A particular feature of this production was an extremely high-tech gauze screen in front of the stage. This was black and COMPLETELY invisible except where the light struck it, which gave an almost holographic effect.

Jay has since moved back to India, and set up a company in Bangalore – Attakkalari. I’ve worked with them a number of times, as a workshop leader, teacher, composer and artist; in particular on the fantastic FACETS workshops (photos below).