Tokyo: This is documentation of a workshop I ran in Tokyo in August ’04, edited by the lovely people at Dance Media Japan, who invited me over and organised the whole thing.

The theme of the workshop was ‘media performance’ – the integration of digital media into live performance, focusing in particular on interactive technologies. I’ve been a facilitator on several workshops like this, but usually as part of a larger team. Here it was just me and my right hand man, Matsuo. I found it quite challenging, especially as I’m somewhat lacking in expertise on the choreographic side. There were also some cultural barriers to get over – I found the participants rather reserved and difficult to engage to start with. However, once we’d got over that, I was astonished by the creativity and sheer hard work everyone put in, and I must admit I’m very proud of what we came up with in only three days. Looking back now, I must say it all looks pretty crazy, and fun! Probably shouldn’t point this out, but got to love the credit for ‘Transrator’ at the end – you can’t make this stuff up…

See below for a few pictures.. a rare moment of relaxation with the Dance Media Japan crew. Click to enlarge.

Kyoto: I didn’t feel the need to put so much up for the this workshop, but I just wanted to show this little experiment that a group from Nagoya came up with – basically video feedback with a rotating camera and a rotating projector – very cool and rather trippy..